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the right moves

Allanah Blair

  • Clients Objectives
    • Improve Cash-flow 
    • Better manage loans
    • Become debt free Sooner
  • Strategy Outcomes
    • Restructuring of existing loans to separate personal debt and investment debt to facilitate ease of accounting
    • Refinance and consolidation debt to improve cash-flow
    • Reduce debt utilising new savings.
  • Conclusion
    The restructure of debt reduced the burden of accounting and it is now easy to determine which debt is tax deductible. The consolidation and refinancing of existing loans is now saving Allanah $1,762 p.m. in interest payments.
  • This is what Allanah had to say

    Being so busy with work I wasn’t able to spare the time and effort required to look at my finances and although deep down I knew I desperately needed to I just kept putting it off. 

  • Regardless even if I dedicated months to the task I doubt I could ever achieve the same result that Karen did. With a saving of $21,144 a year I am obviously ecstatic and would recommend anyone to have CIGA take a look at their finances. 

  • Yours Sincerely Allanah

    Thank you CIGA.