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the right moves

Bronson & Narissa

  • Clients Objectives
    • Own their first home 
    • Provide Security for the family 
  • Strategy Outcomes
    • Assisted in strengthening credit file and remove default  
    • Assisted in obtaining a successful finance application
    • Assisted is selecting a property and managed all aspects of the purchase 
  • Conclusion
    Bronson and Narissa's land settled in September 2017 and they are now looking forward to watching their home be built. 

  • This is what Bronson and Narissa had to say
  • “Flying from Brisbane to Port Hedland for work has been grueling on the family so we wanted something more from life given all the effort and sacrifice. At the same time we wanted to enjoy ourselves and have quality family holidays so that that reason we kept spending our savings repeatedly and couldn’t get a decent deposit together” says Bronson. “Having a young family, you reach the point where you just need some security, a strong foundation a home you can call your own” adds Narissa.

    We were introduced to CIGA by a community group to see if we could own our first home utilising a minimal deposit program. 
    “I must admit that I am the most skeptical and untrusting person I know and I made no secret of that to Steve & Sue tells Bronson. “I researched over 70 estates and eventually I became quite confused as to what was really important”. I scrutinized every detail and yet Sue pointed out issues that I had not even considered. 
    I kept telling myself, this is too good to be true...what's the catch, but in the end I realized there wasn't one and that Steve and the team at CIGA really did have my best interests in mind so finally, we decided to let the experts do their job and were glad we did.

    CIGA helped us identify what we needed in property and its location and gave us plenty of options to choose from along with sound supporting information on the area. I think one of the most assuring things is that they listened to us and helped us find what we wanted and needed and we progressed at our own pace.
    They managed the contract process for us and helped us negotiate the many potential hazards that could have turned out to be have been very costly without their guidance”.

    “They assisted us with the finance process and as it turned out this was where we discovered we were in the best hands possible.  Today we are excited to soon be settling on our home site with build due to commence within the next few weeks.

    We have CIGA to thank and we are happy we put our trust in them”.