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the right moves

Craig and Melissa

  • Clients Objectives
    • Better manage their finances
    • Improve monthly cash-flow
    • Become debt free sooner
  • Strategy Outcomes
    • Mortgage repayment savings of $1,094 p.m. equivalent to $13,138 p.a.
  • Conclusion
    Craig and Melissa were finding it difficult to save and felt their loan payments were getting on top of them. Utilising a debt consolidation strategy Craig and Melissa now have a healthy monthly surplus that can be used to pay off their mortgage sooner, improve their lifestyle.
  • This is what Craig & Melissa have to say

    We were to introduced to Consolidate Investment Group Australia (CIGA) by our close friends Ian & Toni. Being quite skeptical, after thinking about things for a long time we finally agreed to meet a CIGA consultant whereby he explained how CIGA could help us get out of the debt trap and improve our monthly cash-flow. We couldn't have imagined we would be saving over $1,000 per month. We are obviously delighted with service CIGA provided us, actually we wish we had met Steve sooner.

    Thank you Steve