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Case Studies - Jason & Louise

  • Clients Objectives
    • Reduce tax liability
    • Create an investment strategy to build wealth for the future
    • Have a nest egg of over $1M by age 55 (10 years from now)
    • Have adequate & cost effective insurances in place to protect their family
    • Take control of their Super and have a professionally managed portfolio
    • Have the ability to pass on wealth through generations
  • Strategy Outcomes
    • Established a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) with a corporate trustee and created a professionally managed investment portfolio
    • Salary Sacrifice into SMSF resulting in a tax saving of $14,400 p.a.
    • Hold comprehensive insurances both inside & outside Super
    • Invest in an actively managed investment portfolio (conservative strategy) with a target return of CPI + 3% (total of 7% p.a.).
    • Even with considerable contributions towards their savings it was not feasible for Jason & Louise to realise their retirement goals achieving a rate of 1.9% p.a. on cash deposits. By creating a professionally managed investment portfolio and applying the principle of compound interest, at 7% p.a. return Jason & Louise are on track to achieve their goal of more than $1M and now have a clear plan to transition to retirement at age 55.
  • Conclusion

    By creating a self-managed super fund with a corporate trustee, Jason & Louise now have the ability to take control of their investment strategy with the ability add their children to the super fund as they come of age. By introducing a salary strategy Jason & Louise are now saving $14,400 in Tax p.a.

    Jason and Louise now have a comprehensive and reliable protection strategy consisting of Life, Total and Pertinent Disability, Income Protection and Trauma insurance. By placing some insurance within super their personal cash flow has increased by more than $9,000 p.a.

  • This is what Jason & Louise have to say

    Getting our finances in order has been challenging and as business people we understand that new challenges constantly arise however it’s comforting to know someone is there to help us. Tax savings from salary sacrifice and the savings obtained from restructuring insurance policies are proving to enhance our savings plan.


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