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the right moves

Leachelle Hawkswood 

  • Clients Objectives
    • Own their first home 
    • Provide Security for the family 
  • Strategy Outcomes
    • Assisted in strengthening credit file and remove default  
    • Assisted in obtaining a successful finance application
    • Assisted is selecting a property and managed all aspects of the purchase 
  • Conclusion
    Bronson and Narissa's land settled in September 2017 and they are now looking forward to watching their home be built. 

  • This is what Leachelle had to say
We found a block of land we liked at Providence, Ripley and put down a $1,000 deposit then began looking for finance. After 3 months working with 3 different brokers with no positive results we were devastated and just about to give up. 
Then by sheer luck we saw CIGA's First Home Buyer Assist add on Facebook. We were a cautious, after all it was an add on Facebook but right from the beginning CIGA did an really awesome job and have looked after us so well all the way.
Firstly they discovered I had a black mark on my VEDA credit file and then went to work on removing it. I still can't believe that the 2 previous brokers didn't even get the stage of knowing our file properly after months.
When the land developer was pressuring us to go unconditional before we had our finances fully approved Sue stepped in. After negotiating on our behalf we actually switched to what ended up being a much better block in a more superior elevated position. 
It has been so comforting that when something pops up, no matter what it relates to, I can call or email the team at CIGA and get an immediate response. 
This Christmas we were due to resign our lease for the 10th year running. We calculated we have paid over $200,000 in rent over that period. However thanks to the team at CIGA were looking forward to being in our own home (were so excited were half packed already and have a new TV on lay buy). 
I can honestly say that if not for CIGA we wouldn't have made it so my advice for anyone feeling the same way it get in contact with CIGA because I know they will go the extra mile to help you.
Thanks you the team at CIGA your awesome! 
Leachelle Hawkswood