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Case Studies - Keiren & Rochelle O’Rourke

  • Clients Objectives
    • Better manage their money
    • Reduce personal debts
    • Create a tax effective investment strategy
    • Invest for the future
    • Provide security for their family
  • Strategy Outcomes
    • Mortgage repayments savings of $1,298 p.m. equivalent to $15,576 p.a.
    • Mortgage free 14 years sooner saving $88,500 in interest.
    • New investment property purchase with tax benefits of $208 p.m. equivalent $6,835 p.a.
    • At a conservative 3% per annual growth the investment property will return $1,181,000 profit in 20 years when Keiren and Rochelle intend to retire.
  • Conclusion

    Considering the savings on the loan interest and the appreciation of a real asset, Kieran & Rochelle shall potentially realise a benefit in excess of $1,250,000. This is achieved with $0 in out of pocket expenses by simply correcting some financial inefficiencies and redirecting that money into an effective strategy.

  • This is what Kieran & Rochelle have to say

    After having a bad experience in the past we were very cautious and wanted to make sure we were dealing with the right people this time. We were very happy the way our advisor took the time and effort to answer our questions and laid everything out step by step. The team at Consolidated Investment Group Australia were all very professional and very helpful.

    We are very happy with our investment property, it was presented to us with sound research, it’s in a great location, the bank valued it to the dollar, it was tenanted within 24 hours of settlement and we are receiving more rent than projected.

    Thank you CIGA, we are looking forward to a more prosperous future and we are happy to recommend your services.