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Choosing an Investment Property

Property Investment has retained its popularity with Australian investors over the years and doesn’t look like it’s about to slow down any time soon.

However, with soaring property prices across parts of the country, your investment property will need certain attributing factors to ensure that you don’t end up with negative returns.

Selecting your property investment smartly will help you achieve your desires. IIG Property Investment has set up this commentary to equip you with smart strategies to choose the right investment property for you.

  • #1: Population Base

    A large population base will create an enabling environment for long-term growth. Choosing an investment property in town or region where there aren't enough people may not be a smart investment choice for you.

    Small towns can experience sudden increases in population that influence demand and especially rental values. These situations look appealing on face values however on such towns small losses is jobs or population and the development of a small number of new properties can have a devastating effect on the values

  • #2: Population Growth
  • #3: Infrastructure
  • #4: Economic Drivers
  • #5: Demographic Profile
  • #6: Market Segment
  • #7: Tax Benefits
  • #8: Rental Yield
  • #9: Property Valuation
  • #10: Unique Value Proposition

Integrated investment group with its Queensland based Property Investment division can help you address all these important factors when you’re looking to buy an investment property for your needs. We will help you with smart financial planning tactics to help you put your best foot forward in your property investment search.